Check your PDF by PDF/A Validator Tool

PDF is a file format that we commonly use in our daily lives. In order to ensure that PDFs can be saved for a long time, a new standard has been developed based on this, namely PDF/A.

We are pleased to announce that VP Online supports PDF/A Validator Tool so that you can check whether your PDFs are in PDF/A standard. In this article, we will show you how to use this tool.

PDF/A Validator Tool

  1. Go to VP Online, click Explore, and then select Edit PDF Online.
  2. Directly scroll down the page, or press Explore All PDF Tools on top-right to enter the page of Online PDF Tools.
  3. Select PDF/A Validator Tool under PDF Editing Tools.
  4. Upload the PDF to the page, and choose the suitable Validation Profile. If you have no idea which to choose, you can then select Auto-Detection.
  5. After the validation, there will be 2 kinds of results, showing whether the PDF is in PDF/A standard or not.

PDF/A Conversion

In case you find that the PDF is not in PDF/A standard, you can do the conversion by the button below.

You can also find the converter under Convert from PDF.

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