How to protect a PDF with password

Passwords are the primary security measure to prevent unauthorized access to PDF documents. It is used as a key to encrypt and decrypt information. You can use the Visual Paradigm Online PDF editing tool to add a password to protect the PDF, this means a password is required to view the contents of the file. In this article. we will show you how to protect a PDF with a password in VP Online!

Protect a PDF with a password

You can protect access to your PDF file with a password, by using Visual Paradigm Online.

  1. After login into your Visual Paradigm Online workspace, Go to Dashboard and select Apps, PDF, to go to your PDFs Workspace
  2. Press the “TOOLS” button and select “Protect PDF”.
  3. Upload your PDF files. After uploading the PDF file, you can specify your PDF password at the bottom, and press protects button to proceed.
  4. Now the password is required to open the PDF file. You can rename the PDF file if needed and press the Download button to download it.
Protect a PDF with password online, easily, and free on VP Online Editor.


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